Second winter

Winter… dark and cold, long time since last update. Now we are on our second winter of construction. I’ve had several long colds with bad cough that stopped a lot of work during November and December. Now in January I have finally been able to get things going again. Sadly I missed warmer weather during […]


Time flies! It’s already November 20. Winter is close, below 0 today and dark outside at 4 in the afternoon. We’re trying to finish things that can’t be done in the winter. Mortar does not like freezing temperatures. Finished the leca blocks for the smaller ”water” house at least. It will house water techie stuff […]


Autumn has arrived, time for an update. Crisp autumn days have replaced the summer, some frost has even turned up. Nice and warm in the greenhouse, today over 25 degrees. The roof of the garage is almost finished, now we need the panelling to continue. We’ve done some colour tests for the panelling on the […]

First floor

Switching to english for our international visitors… Short recap of the project: Green house with a log house inside. Eden project in small scale. Positive sides are environmentally friendly, recycling of waste water, less energy consumption, home grown veggies, large living space as soon as the temperature is ok, cool house. Negatives: Risk of too […]