Time flies! It’s already November 20.

Winter is close, below 0 today and dark outside at 4 in the afternoon. We’re trying to finish things that can’t be done in the winter. Mortar does not like freezing temperatures. Finished the leca blocks for the smaller “water” house at least. It will house water techie stuff and part of the water recycling system. More blocks are needed below the green house walls, we’ll see how the weather stays. It’s possible to mix the mortar with anti freeze and warm water but it’s difficult and expensive.

On the house we are almost finished with the logs, it’s been more difficult the higher we get. Now there is only one log still to put in place. Great to start seeing the finished shape of the house. Currently working on the roof joists as well.

Sad days in the world, terror and hate everywhere, Paris burning. So many people on the run. Sweden is apparently running out of space to house refugees now, some have to sleep outside or in tents. Up to 2000 ppl has been arriving per day, the rest of the EU (some exceptions exists) is mostly fighting about keeping the refugees out. Is the european idea failing? Society is becoming more polarized.

Anyway, onwards to the pictures.

The last log, ready for lifting. Lifting straps attached at each end to balance it.


Hoisted to the roof, finally!

Hamering a dowel, a bit difficult high up on the ladder.


View to the pasture outside. First broken window, probably due to preassure on the side of the window from the frame. Another one has broken next to it as well now. Monitoring the situation, can’t replace them yet anyway.

More dowels, difficult, one-hander high up on the ladder. Open space to the bottom floor. The 5 meter timber wall is quite impressive.


Some corner details.


Drilling holes for electrical wires before assembling the logs.


The kids are decorating some of the rooms.


Some outside views.

P1110248 P1110250 P1110259

Never ending leca blocks.

View from the pasture.

Our neighbour have gotten their house a few weeks ago. Prefab, so it already looks finished, Linda is envious.

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    • Känns inte så duktigt när det går långsamt och man är mitt uppe i det 🙂 Men tar man ett steg tillbaka så är det lite konstigt att vi lyckats bygga ett hus.

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