Today we had a Swedish journalist with photographer visiting. Last week we had visit from Norway and Saturday we’ll have another journalist visiting. Much interest from the media currently. Soon it’s time for the next open tour as well, busy days!

The climate in the greenhouse is very summery now, normal Swedish summer temps. Outside it’s a little colder.

In the garden things are growing, most things still quite small though. First strawberrys are expanding and will hopefully turn red soon. Last year we started picking June 1 but it was much warmer then.

Loads of different tomatoes in all sizes are waiting to be planted, they just need to grow a bit more first. Cucumber and squash is in the ground, maybe a bit early but they should make it.

Planted many different flowers as well that have started flowering and gives some colour.

The wines are growing lots and are full of flowers, should give more yield then last year I hope.

Some fun plants this year, winter tomatoes, gigant basil, lemon basil and ”air onion”. The onion grows like chives but becomes thicker and produces lots of small onions instead of flowers! Strange. The winter tomatoes will stay fresh the whole winter after being picked, a nice suppliment hopefully to the diet. Will look nice with loads of tomatoes in the kitchen ceiling all winter too. Yellow ponderosa is the type we are testing.

The peach did not produce a single flower this year as well, strange. Hopefully it will be happier next year.

Mum got some nice sand stone slabs which we have made a small path out of. The path will connect with the main, brick path eventually when we continue that.

For the terrass we finally got a table and chairs so we can start eating out some more. Great views of the meadows and our new sheep neighbours.

Still many tickets for the next tour on June 2 if you fancy a visit. Dates for July and August are available too. Book in the events section.

Some pics!

One thought on “May

  1. Hej Björn: jätte trevligt att se nyligaste bilderna från ert Naturhus! Mycket intressant att läsa om alla de olika grönsaker och blommor som växer mellan yttre glaset och själva trä byggnaden där ni bor. Glad att höra att folk är så intresserade i att besöka your unique house construction!

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