Second floor

Some quick pictures of the status so far. Working on the second floor now and made some good progress today. At some places there are less than 8 logs to go. A few more logs in the garage then we get to open the last pack of logs.

Another excellent day to havet the greenhouse, it has been pouring down today but we are unaffected by the rain.

Got the garage doors installed too, nice to be able to lock. One did get slightly damaged in the heavy winds during the week, will have to replace some screws the got bent. Oiled the doors with linseed oil from ekologiska byggvaruhuset, nice stuff.




2 thoughts on “Second floor

  1. Det blir kjempe fint! Vi håper selv på å få bygge ett sånt hus en gang i fremtiden, så det er meget spennende å se femgangen. vi følger med på prosessen og ønsker dere lykke til videre.

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