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Let’s see if we can keep the blog up to date a bit more! Our first open tour is slowly filling up, will be exciting. April 28th is the day. Tickets available to the left. By then the greenhouse will have woken up a bit more, currently some things are starting to push out greenery.

The greenhouse is still a bit open so it does not get as warm as it could be at this time of the year. Plants are a little slow. The strawberries have started pushing up new leafs, by June we’ll have loads of berries!

The chives is waking up. Perfekt to the pickled herring and sourcream on Easter.

Under the balcony we have tried to keep a warmer area for tropical plants. Currently only plastic “walls” + a heater, next winter we hope to have glass walls to make a greenhouse in the greenhouse. Unfortunately the storm Alfrida in January caused a power outage for 36 hours which killed the lemon. The almond on the other hand is flowering like crazy.

The peach out in the main greenhouse, also a prunus like the almond, is just about to push out it’s leafs. Hopefully we’ll get some peaches this year.

The SE corner currently, quite a big differance to the summer last year when the walls were covered by greenery several meters up. Grape wines to the right, peach centerish and some sort of hibiscus to the left. Hopefully it has survived.

Tulips pushing out of the sand but it’s slow, they have been working on it since February. Will bring some nice colours soon I hope.

Let’s not be fooled by the cold weather, it can be hot already in the greenhouse! That is one of the benefits of the nature house concept, much longer “outdoor” season. We’ve had several days where the greenhouse reach 25 degrees C and automatically start to open the ventilation. We found some solar sails on IKEA to protect a bit against the direct sun. Looks OK, we’ll see how good it works. The pergola beams are perfect to anchor all sorts of things like the sails. They are quite big at ~3 m high and 135 mm square timber.

The black cloth is also from IKEA, “balcony covering”,semi permanent. Mostly it is to prevent kids from climbing on the fence.

The terrass is nearing completion, we made the floor out of sturdy and huge 2x9s (45×220 mm). Really nice, a bit soft wood but looks cool being so thick. Still left to do is the handrail with the same boards. Somewhere to put the drink!

Lots of things to do now that spring is here. Long lists to complete but great to work in the greenhouse again. Next week will probably be putting up wires for the plants to climb on, finishing up facade boards and some more sowing of seeds. Currently we have two large mini greenhouses going with seeds.

Until next time, smooth sailing!


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