March rain

The rain is pouring down and melting the snow. The summer feels distant but things are starting to wake up in the greenhouse. The almond tree has been in full bloom a few weeks, tulips are pushing out of the ground. The strawberries are pushing new leafs as is the chives. Seeds has been sown […]

Nearly there…

Time flies… a long year of building since the last update, but now we are nearly there! Some more documentations then approval from the council. We have to move during easter either way so hoping to get the approval next week. There are still many things to complete but it’s totaly livable currently. Ending ths […]

A new hope

Time to update this page! Sad times in Stockolm with a terrorist attack on Friday. The positive thing is that most of the society is coming together more closely than before. As usual during the winter things tend to slow down. Maybe it’s the lack of daylight that drains energy. This was the third winter […]